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Expressions of Confessions

De'ngshia Nicole Samuel loves the Lord but did everything to fight against the call on her life throughout her years of growing up. She led a destructive lifestyle due to molestation, incest, rejection and abandonment that caused her to reject the call of God, she did everything to stifle, sabotage, kill the voice, the dreams and the vision of the Lord, because she didn’t want to be obedient to his word, she wore the identity of shame, guilt, resentment and anger that almost caused her to abort her destiny.

She had to deal with low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, financial struggles, and constant rumors & lies. Now she has used her GOD given talent to speak out about all of her life issues. Please prepare yourself to laugh, cry, and experience a touch of reality while reading her book of poetry called: Expressions of Confessions

Expressions of Confessions Book

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